Engaged and motivated employees benefit customers and business

AR Packaging strongly believes that quality is achieved when the employees enjoy their work. Since satisfied, committed and engaged employees benefit the customers and the business, AR Packaging actively invests in the continuous education of its employees. An important part of this training is focused on sales and business generation. In addition, the Group cooperates with universities when it comes to development and recruitment, and prioritises diversity as an important way of growing the company.

Training for enhanced competence

AR Packaging actively invests in the continuous education of its employees and teams, as well as in improving the company’s working processes. On a pan-European level, the Group conducts training activities based on capability assessments of selected groups of employees. However, most of this training is managed locally within the Group.

Development and recruitment

A&R Carton and Flextrus in Lund, Sweden, have an active cooperation with the University of Lund. Lectures are given at the university and joint development projects are conducted together with students. In addition to this know­ledge transfer, both plants recruit technical engineering students to work as temporary employees for the summer period and offer practical job training. In total, about 80 students receive summer jobs at A&R Carton and Flextrus in Lund. This is highly appreciated by both students and employees since it is fun and stimulates new ways of thinking in the daily operation of the business.

Growing through diversity

As a growing company, with business area operations in different geographic regions and locations, diversity is becoming an increasingly integral aspect across the Group. Each employee should have the knowledge and power to take initiatives that will help to develop and improve the overall performance. Sharing knowledge related to the businesses, products, production processes, routines and performance is strongly encouraged both within and across the business areas. The Group actively seeks to create diversity in terms of gender, language, age, culture, skills and experience – everything that will help to support the customers in the best possible way.

For more information on labour principles, human rights, anti-corruption, health and occupational safety, please see the chapter on CSR and sustainability in this annual report and the separate sustainability report for the Group.

2015 2014
Average number of employees Of which male Average number of employees Of which male
Russia 463 324 391 287
Sweden 449 339 424 326
Germany 356 300 345 297
Austria 265 202 0 0
France 196 155 204 160
Finland 114 72 117 74
Poland 97 65 0 0
United Kingdom 65 51 74 61
Estonia 39 21 43 23
Norway 3 2 3 2
United States 1 0 1 0
In Group total 2 048 1 531 1 602 1 230

Our core values


We are available, passionate and committed. We are trustworthy and accountable. We understand and participate on all levels.


Our market knowledge, business leadership and challenging attitude make us the company that drives innovation in the industry. We have world-class capabilities to develop optimised solutions for our customers’ needs. We are driven by focus and simplification.


We deliver packaging that saves more than it costs in the total value chain. We continuously work to minimise our environmental impact. We strive for long-term customer relationships.


We are seen as a truly professional company that always delivers quality, service and competence when looking for ways to optimise our customers’ packaging. We possess core competencies and the skills necessary to meet our customers’ requirements. Quality, flexibility and delivery are cornerstones of our solutions. We dare to participate and act.


We want to share and learn, and we believe in integrity and respect, transparency, trust and empowerment, always with a great concern for sustainability.


We are a focused, committed and action-oriented company that always meets our customers with great flexibility.