Three divisions for a more innovative and specialised offering

The business of AR Packaging is divided into three divisions: Branded Products, Barrier Packaging and Food Packaging. All three divisions are characterised by high demands on all of the criteria for good packaging: protecting the content, promoting it and assisting the consumer in using the product. The products and solutions consist mainly of folding cartons and flexible packaging. The Group’s offer includes everything from proprietary machinery systems to packaging design and development. The Group consistently aims to move away from commoditised products in the low-end area towards a more innovative and specialised offering in the respective division.

Branded Products

The Branded Products division offers innovative packaging for tobacco and confectionery customers. With its advanced printing expertise and a wide range of materials, this division can deliver a distinguished look and feel to support its customers’ product differentiation.

The Branded Products division serves mainly two business segments: Tobacco and Confectionery. Tobacco offers solutions including hinge-lid and display cartons, inserts, cut labels and various opening mechanisms.

Confectionery offers innovative carton packaging used for premium products which are often found in the duty-free stores. An example of an advanced carton packaging for confectionery is a tailor-made, single or two-piece box construction in various shapes and sizes, such as the Variobox-lite, featuring state-of-the-art design and innovation.

Barrier Packaging

Barrier Packaging is all about ensuring that the customers’ products are well protected during their lifecycle. The Barrier Packaging division serves mainly two business segments: Performance Packaging and Flexibles.

Under the A&R Carton brand, Performance Packaging offers proprietary, high-performance, carton-based packaging systems, such as Cekacan®, Hermetet® and our newly developed Boardio™ and Sealio®. The offer spans from material components to complete machinery systems, optimal for packing sensitive powders and mixes, such as infant formula, coffee and other branded products.

Under the Flextrus brand, AR Packaging offers flexible packaging with tailored barrier properties that preserve freshness while safely protecting products such as chilled food, hard cheese, dry mixes, bakery products and snacks over a prolonged shelf-life. The flexible packaging is also suitable when faced with the high demands on packaging in the healthcare sector, for example within such areas as wound care products and pharmaceuticals.

Food Packaging

The Food Packaging division sets far-reaching demands on food safety and the ability to keep food fresh. Add to this ease of use, such as opening and reclosing, safety during transports and storage, and the ability to withstand changes in temperature, humidity and other conditions.

Food Packaging serves mainly two business segments: Food & Consumer Goods and Food Service. The Food & Consumer Goods segment offers folding cartons for a wide range of products, such as cereals, convenience food, dairy products, frozen food, pet food and ice cream.

Food Service offers such products as clamshells, trays, cups and take-away boxes for burgers, Asian food and ice cream, to name a few.