Note 6 – Group information and shares in subsidiaries

AR Packaging Group was created in 2011 when A&R Carton and Flextrus joined forces and is today amongst the leading companies in the European packaging sector. The business is divided into three main segments; Barrier Packaging, Branded Products and Food Packaging.

The companies within the group are operating through the following brands/names:

  • A&R Carton (offering innovative carton-packaging concepts to a wide range of consumer market segments)
  • Flextrus (offering advanced flexible packaging solutions to food and healthcare customers)
  • CC Pack (offering high quality trays mainly for food applications)
  • SP Containers (offering innovative direct fill containers based on paperboard to the food processing and packaging industry)

The consolidated financial statements of the group includes besides the parent company also the following subsidiaries:

Reg. No. Domicile Share of equity Dec 31, 2015
Å&R Carton AB 556050-0554 Lund, Sweden 100%
A&R Carton AS NO934180941 Skjeberg, Norway 100%
A&R Carton North America Inc. 22-2781794 Delaware, USA 100%
A&R Carton Oy 0946631-7 Eura, Finland 100%
A&R Carton Beteiligungen GmbH HRB 53237 Kriftel, Germany 100%
A&R Carton GmbH HRB 52899 Kriftel, Germany 100%
A&R Carton Holding GmbH HRB 53322 Kriftel, Germany 100%
ZAO A&R Carton Kuban 1022304838863 Timashevsk, Russia 100%
A&R Carton AS 10399612 Tabasalu, Estonia 100%
A&R Carton SA 380137711 Cholet Cedex, France 100%
A&R Carton CdF SA 552037384 Cholet Cedex, France 100%
A&R Carton Ltd 04608307 Leicester, Great Britain 100%
Å&R Carton Lund AB 556044-6063 Lund, Sweden 100%
CC Pack AB 556124-6629 Tibro, Sweden 100%
Specialty Paperboard Containers Ltd 1 ) 5862237 Rotherham, Great Britain 73%
Flextrus Group AB 556754-0678 Lund, Sweden 100%
Flextrus AB 556754-1049 Lund, Sweden 100%
Flextrus Ltd 06371607 Highbridge, Great Britain 100%
Flextrus Halmstad AB 556061-1674 Halmstad, Sweden 100%
A&R Carton Austria GmbH FN 427561 t Graz, Austria 100%
A&R Carton Graz GmbH 2) FN 48222 s Graz, Austria 100%
A&R Carton Russia Holding GmbH 2) FN 217226 s Graz, Austria 100%
AR Carton Moscow LLC 2) 1027729001695 Domodedovo, Russia 100%
AR Carton Krakow sp. z.o.o. 2) 0000036233 Klaj, Poland 100%

1) The Group’s voting rights in Specialty Paperboard Containers Ltd are corresponding to 67% (2014: 67%, 2013: 67%). The remaining capital and voting rights are held by local management and employees.

2) The shares in the subsidiaries A&R Carton Graz GmbH, A&R Carton Russia Holding GmbH in Austria, AR Carton Moscow LLC in Russia and AR Carton Krakow sp. z.o.o. were acquired during 2015 by A&R Carton Austria GmbH. For more information see note 7.

During the year the group have liquidated EmiCorp SA, a dormant joint venture with domicile in Belgium, where the group had a 50% interest.


Parent company
Shares in subsidiaries Dec 31, 2015 TEUR Dec 31, 2014 TEUR Dec 31, 2013 TEUR
Opening acquisition value 71 631 71 596 70 096
Acquisition A&R Carton Austria GmbH 35
Adjustment acquisition A&R Carton Austria GmbH -17
Capital contribution A&R Carton Austria GmbH 15 000
Capital contribution Flextrus Group AB 1 500
Closing acquisition value 86 614 71 631 71 596
Closing book value 86 614 71 631 71 596