System solutions for long-lasting customer relations and reliable production

The Performance Packaging segment offers advanced system solutions for primary packaging. Customers ensure reliable production from a trusted partner by entering into a long-term agreement for the supply of machinery and material components.

“We take full responsibility for everything from conceptualisation, installation and on-site verification to long-term service support. We ensure that our packaging solution is as effective and con­­venient as our customers expect,” says Per Nyström, Director of the Barrier Packaging division.

A complete solution

With its comprehensive knowledge of customer applications, production and packaging systems, AR Packaging can offer a complete barrier packaging solution designed for the customer’s specific product and market. The offer includes the supply of a complete packaging line of the highest standards, development and supply of material components, service, spare parts, upgrading of machines, as well as process improvement.

A sustainable choice

The packaging from Performance Packaging represents a sustainable choice based on carton board – a renewable and recyclable resource. By adapting the laminate, different barrier requirements can be met, keeping the packed food safe and fresh and extending its shelf life while at the same time ensuring a minimal use of resources. The system solutions are often used for high-volume applications where several million packages are produced.

Performance Packaging offers five different system solutions:


  • Powder tight carton with top and base membranes
  • Cost-effective and highly dependable for high-volume applications
  • Easy to open, pour or spoon, re-close and store
  • Typically used for cereals and powders, as well as tea and cacao


  • Pre-lined packaging solution with adaptable barrier for gas-tight option
  • Consumer convenience with several opening and re-closing alternatives
  • Superior filling and pallet efficiency
  • Often used for cereals and dry powders, such as baby food


  • Gas-tight, carton-based can for highly sensitive products
  • Low to high barrier solutions
  • Unique shapes for excellent shelf impact opportunities
  • Reduced inbound logistics through flat deliveries
  • Typical packed products include infant formula, muesli, etc.


  • The newest system from AR Packaging
  • A fully carton-based can with minimised carbon footprint
  • Tailored barrier for optimised product protection
  • A range of sizes and shapes available
  • All components delivered flat for high logistic efficiency


  • Gas-tight package with unique shapes and colour possibilities
  • Excellent package rigidity and integrity
  • Easy to open with large opening for easy-to-scoop function
  • Superior re-closure and infestation security
  • Most suitable for products such as infant formula and other sensitive powder

Universe – a new platform for improved convenience and food safety

Boardio and Sealio are the latest packaging systems developed by AR Packaging. These sibling systems offer gas-tight, carton-based packaging and are derived from the same proprietary technical platform: Universe – a result of three years of innovative development.

The development of the new platform was driven by growing demand for improved convenience, customisation and food safety. It offers many advantages – flexibility in shape, format and design, tailored product protection and excellent food safety, as well as consumer convenience. Typical applications include sensitive, premium powder products. The packaging can be customised to a high degree, from nearly 100% carton board to the inclusion of different types of barrier materials and bioplastics.

In 2015, AR Packaging started the launch of the two packaging systems among selected customers and the reaction was highly positive. The roll-out will continue on a global basis in the coming years.

The new packaging solutions have unique shapes and colour options, making them easy to open, scoop and re-close, as well as stable to handle.

Flextrus tailored laminate

For a major player in the global medical device market

Using Flexibles’ special barrier extrusion techniques, a key problem for the customer was resolved. Utilising a proprietary second “flexcrack” resistant barrier layer, the combined total packaging barrier was drastically improved. Through the new solution, Flexibles is able to improve the barrier properties fifteen times compared with a normal barrier property. This solution for casting tape will also be used for other sensitive products in this customers’ portfolio.